#206 Our story

The teams worked here at Casa in the morning and then went on an outreach in the afternoon.

Dottie and I went to the city to do some banking business.

The college students returned from enrolling in their classes with a long list of supplies and books they need.

I am still making radio shows. I want to be at least 6 months in advance so that if anything happens to me the Word will still continue to be sent forth.

Someone told the kids that the well would cost over $11,000 so one dorm, girls in Esperanza down, collected $280 from their sponsor money to help. They know what it is to give unto the Lord. As soon as we have the money we will begin installing the new pump.

Our latest child on dialysis.

January, 1999 began with a night of fireworks. This is the tradition and goes on for ours. I was taking 20 boys to the city when we had a tire blow out. It was just a blessing from God that the truck did not turn over. Dottie and I worked on the storage building in Guatemala City where we sort and wrap all the Christmas gifts. So we begin early getting ready for next year.

One of our girls, Anita, led her father to the Lord. January 4thwas a busy day as we all are preparing for the new school year that begins? February 1st. Steve E. went to both the airport and to court. Steve O ordered construction materials. Cheryl went shopping to get prices on the kitchen equipment that Rotary will be purchasing. We received 2 new boys today. Dottie and I went and spent $3000 on school supplies.

One of the most heart wrenching times of my life occurred today when a teenage girl age 13 came to our gate and told me she had 2 little sisters that she wanted to place here. Her parents were dead and she was working in a sweat shop. She told me “I can feed my sisters but I cannot educate them and if they do not get an education they will be just like me”. It broke my heart so I said “What about you? Don’t you want an education?” Her answer was “That would be more than God can do for me”.

I immediately took her to court and all three girls began first grade together. Today, November 2018, that 13 year old is a nurse on staff at Casa and is married with two children. Her husband who was also raised here works for FedEx. Only God!