#205 our story

They could not fix the water pump so the cost of a new pump & installation is between $11,000 & $12,000.

The new school year began today & it is very cold in the classrooms. The visitors went to Antigua.


First day of school




December 26thwas play day. We had given over 100 skates and skateboards so there were bruises everywhere but nothing serious. If the parents brought a note from the judge saying they could visit their families then we allowed them to leave for 3 days. I pray that families would be reconciled.

One of our youngest children arrived on December 23rdhaving been sexually abused so I had to take her to the government forensic lab to be tested. The exam verified the assault so the father was arrested.

We took all of the children who did not get to go home for three days to a movie and to eat pizza. All in all we were able to bless 250 children in 1998. Never in our wildest dreams would we ever have thought that God would do such a large work through us. The staff we have has been awesome servants of the Lord.