I cannot stop crying! Frances Martin passed away & he was one of the most Godly men and dearest friends in my life for over 40 years.

Some of the college students began classes today. Our two studying to become dialysis technicians began yesterday. They are Tatiana and Susie. Kevin begins his second year of medical school on Monday.

Our school begins Monday also.

Mike & Amber took their dorm out for pizza and ice cream.

The team is out helping Adam.

Frances & I taught together at Bible college 40 years ago

December 1998 began with Dottie and I in the USA ministering in Tennessee and Alabama. Steve & Pam watched the 188 children for us. There were a few problems but nothing more than what we normally have. We received another burned child age 16.

We now have a part time dentist so that means we can work with all of the children. As you can imagine dental care in the villages is mostly pulling teeth rather than trying to treat them. Our entire church of 200 came on the 5thwith dinner for everyone. The love of this church has brought many of our children to Christ.

A Georgia team arrived and began separating clothes. Each Christmas we have a “store” where the children can “shop” for new clothes. The children also receive new underwear and a sweater or jacket. Steve bought pizzas for all of the children in appreciation for the many who were obedient while I was gone.

We still had 40 high school students scheduled for high school next month so we took them all for new school shoes and a pair of tennis shoes.

A wonderful day as Michelle was adopted. She arrived here at 18 months with a shunt in her head as she is hydrocephalic. No one wanted her! When her grand- father discovered she was ill he actually threw her on the floor of the hospital and screamed “I do not want a monster in my house.” So Dottie wanted to adopt her so now we have our 7thadopted child. Two more would also come!

12-12-1998. The Fayetteville Arkansas Rotary Club decided to do even more so they have raised the money to totally equip the new teenage girl’s dorm. This  includes beds, desks,