#202 our story

The staff had a praise and sharing the Word time.

The team females helped Dottie in her gardens. The men continued to put in the base board in the Antony house(dialysis)


Working on our water well


11-11-98 Jim, my brother-in-law, is president of the Downtown Fayetteville Ar.   Rotary Club and he called to inform me that the club was raising $86,000 to equip the new kitchen with industrial equipment as well as tables, chairs and all of the utensils for 500 children.

We received a new 11 year old girl who was totally traumatized. She was sleeping when she was awakened by screaming. Her father had poured gasoline on her and set her afire.

There will be 35 of our children attending school in San Bartolome. Wes took them to buy school shoes. There will be another 12 studying in Guatemala City and 3 in Chimaltenango. We paid $13,000 for enrolment, uniforms, books, etc.

When Wes left this morning Brennen was driving him and they had a flat. It took some doing but Brennen was able to get a taxi to come up the mountain and get Wes to the airport.

11-18-98 A young child was brought to our home who had also been burned by her father. We closed the deal on two more acres of property adjacent to our current property. Dottie and I never dreamed that we would grow to this size. We hired a full time nurse who would still be with is on November 15, 2018 as I write this update.