#201 our story

It rained all night and during the day so that made Dottie happy because of her plants.

The well company came and pulled up the pipes and said the pump has an electrical problem which they may be able to fix.

Josue’ began paying the inscription and first month’s tuition for the university students. You can imagine how much that is.

. The team had s’mores for 2 dorms & the discipleship teens went up to Adam’s home.

Our newest grandson

People from the area have come in large numbers for food. The courts also sent us 17 children in one day who have lost their families. Estela and Angelina took the entrance exam for a very exclusive high school. The traffic was so terrible lately that Cheryl left before 5am to get in line.

The results from the girl’s entrance exam went very well. But when we arrived at the school the owner and directors of the school said they did not think that any student or teacher would accept them because “of who they were” meaning abandoned and living in a children’s home. They literally said “We do not believe that any teacher or student will accept you”. Momentarily I thought “What kind of school is this?”

I was so angry that I was ready to fight when Estela held me back. I said “You  heard what they said”. She answered, “Daddy we prayed if we passed the test it is because Jesus wants us here.” So I’ enrolled them and over the next 3 years she was voted the most popular student by both teachers and students and was valedictorian.