#200 our story

Oscar and Bob 4returned from Mexico.

I gave my testimony to the team and they are planning activities for the children as well as what Oscar will have for them to do. My testimony was nearly two hours long but no one left.

I made 12 weeks of radio shows for KAJN.



November 1st: I found more updates so I am returning to November 1998. Hurricane Mitch hit Guatemala and it has been the only hurricane to really damage us in our 30 years here. Over 3000 people were killed in Central America. A team of US medical personnel were flying to a remote area to help when the crashed into a mountain and all on board died.

3rd: We tried to get to the city to purchase food but so many land slides occurred that we were unable to reach any grocery outlets. “It was announced that an estimated 7000 people have died.

4th: I was able to get to Villa Nueva and purchase beans and rice but the prices had doubled. The death toll now has surpassed 10,000. We were especially blessed when Billy Saint, the nephew of Jim Elliot the missionary killed in South America came and ministered tour children. Dottie and I also fitted all the girls with new shoes that we had purchased when we went to the states. They arrived on a container.

5th: Manolo’s mother has been missing since the hurricane hit land.  Praise God she would be found 7 days later. Twenty-eight bridges have been destroyed and rationing has begun.

There are two teams here from Alabama and today we received a container(18 wheeler) from the states with 40,000 pounds of beans, rice and corn. We were able to distribute a large amount to those in our area who had lost everything.