#199 our story

We received three new children at about 2am.

I began paying the land taxes. Part of our property is in the domain of Santiago while the rest is in the domain of San Bartolome’.

What was so encouraging was that in one town a worker said, “I know your daughters Vanessa and Glenda and they are such good workers.” Then at the second village one of the workers told me “I know your son Oscar the architect and he is truly a great worker”. I am a proud Papa.

A team from Maryland and West Virginia with a special friend from Louisiana arrived.



August 2000: The team finished the walkways and then began building an overhang for the girl’s dorm. Jenny broke her arm. The new propane tank arrived for the baby dorm.

September 1, 2000: Jerry C. flew here for a 14 hour visit. Liza began working for a tourist agency today. 5th: Met with the First Lady about receiving a container of which we will share 250 school desks with her. She gives them out to poor schools in the villages. 9th: The container left the port but was stopped when a bridge was washed out due to torrential rains.

14th: Melvin, my pastor, is here to help me buy computers for the college students.  15th: Flew back to the states where we had a board meeting. The first board consisted of Melvin, Mark, Malcolm, Wes, Jerry, JW, Dottie, Debbie and myself.

17th: Dr. Herman came to Casa to set up a medical clinic for Casa and the community. Otto had a seizure. His seizures were so intense and he would eventually be sent home where he would pass away. 18th: I had a second eye surgery where they removed cataracts and implanted contact lenses. My mother, age 78, came to visit.

27th: One of the strangest things that has ever happened to me occurred today. I was meeting with the owners of the property by the school and we went through the government paper to determine the size. When we found the paper work it was not in meters or yards. It was in steps! It was originally sold by the owner taking 150 steps in every direction. My short legs would cost us property so I got the tallest visitor to walk it off.