#198 our story

I made radio shows.

Dottie and the women took Lizzi and Amber out to dinner.

School begins Monday & hopefully all we have left to purchase are socks for the

Our church on our property is doing very well and is growing. It is called The Mountain of Prayer.



August 1, 2000: The volcano Pacaya erupted. Dr. Franklin’s team was on their way to a medical outreach when they saw a woman hit by an 18 wheeler. Had they not been there she would have died. Then one of the American nurses with them had her appendix burst & had to be airlifted to the city for surgery.

Rodney and Rhonda arrived with a team and 70 suitcases. They would present a VBS for all ages and dozens of children would be saved.  5th: Bill & Chris arrived and will be installing a covering over our walkways.

6th: There have only been 3 instances in 29 years where I have had to ask someone to leave. Two of them were teenagers but today was a couple. They talked so much in our church service and actually laughed at the children so I had them leave the next morning.

8th: Liza goes to school in Guatemala City and the bus she was riding in was involved in an accident and two students were killed. Liza is ok but shaken at the deaths of her classmates.

11th: We worked on the plans for the two new dormitories for boys. 15th: Debbie, my secretary, has been here a week rocking babies while her son, Matt, has been taking individual photographs of every child.

18th: We buried a child for one of our neighbors. Funerals are cheap but many of the poor cannot afford them. Then that same day one of our children had their grandmother die so we buried her also.

26th: Today we had our first water baptism and we baptized 184 children and adults.