#197 our story

Bob took Oscar with him for a 4 day trip to Mexico so that Bob could get his passport stamped.

Jeremy & his team left just as his wife, Amy, arrived for a week.

Our older boys still living here at a soccer game in San Bartolome’ against the boys who grew up here now living on their own.

Angie is back and she, Kate & Jim are preparing their areas for the new school year.

Dr. Lou and his family came you visit. He is the nephrologist we are partnering with in dialysis.



May 27, 2000. A bus driver and a tourist were dragged off the bus and hung. There was no explanation given Then on the 30than Afro American missionary from Panama arrived at my gate. He had been robbed and beaten in El Salvador. They even pulled the gold out of his teeth.

June 2, 2000. Would you believe that we have 42 students in 2ndgrade and today they went to the zoo on a field trip? I was stunned today when the bill arrived for all of the changes made to three phase. They said it would be $26,000 but the final bill was $6,500 so God blessed us.

16thWe had a child who had an appendectomy today. That is the 8thcase in 5 weeks. On the 18thLSU won the college baseball world series for the 5thtime in 10 years. Always helps boost me up. Would you believe that by the time the game ended we had to take 2 more children for appendectomies?

24th: We woke up this morning to 23 children with chicken pocks.

July 1, 2000. There is a small stream down the road from us so we took a group of children to play there while another group went to the zoo. One mother who was very abusive went to court and the judge gave the kids back to her. A few days later a neighbor found them in the street hungry and dirty. This neighbor took the children, found the mother, grabbed her by the hair, brought her to court and so the children are back with us.

No one can explain why we have had so many cases of appendicitis but we have had 21 in 3 months. At least the 24 children with chicken pocks have run their course