#196 our story

We had a video conference call with our board members. The main topic was the web site.

The Oklahoma team is working on plumbing issues.

Pizza party at Doncellas

May 5, 2000: The Arch Bishop sent us a young girl who had been raped by an uncle. Two days later he sent a priest to tell us that the child was in danger as she would be a witness in the trial. So we will do all we can to protect her.

10th: We took Michelle to the states and a neurologist and he performed a CAT scan. Then we had her hearing tested and she is very hard of hearing. 12thMichelle saw a pediatrician so she is really get the works. Finally she saw an optometrist who said that she has optic nerve damage.

We went to The Woodlands where we met with 40 members of the Mission Committee who decided to help us and 18 years later they are still doing so.

A 16 year old girl was brought to us who was found hanging from a tree by her hair. This was the mother’s method of punishment.

19th: We received 12 new children. It was their first experience of having to have a ticket to get into supper. The “ticket” was that each child had to give me a hug and included the oldest of them also.

20th: The First Lady of Guatemala called and she will come next week to dedicate the baby dorm. 22nd: Steve and Sheryl moved into the baby dorm. John and Robin moved into the girl’s dorm.

24th: Herb fell off a ladder and was unconscious for a wile and needed stitches. Then at 9am the security force defending the First Lady arrived. She was a lovely lady and had done her homework as she knew everything about Dottie and me. She stayed for lunch and acted as if she was right at home. Amusingly she brought a young girl to live with us. Last year, at age 21, the girl left Casa.