# 195 our story

Jessica is cooking dinner for a different dorm each night.

All of the children have now moved to their new dorms.

One teen had to go into surgery for a biopsy on his neck.

Four siblings went to the funeral of their father who passed away yesterday.

The girls in Esperanza up went swimming in Escuintla. I am grateful to those of you who sponsor dorms so they can have opportunities like this.


Esperanza girls swimming

April 15, 2000: Fernando, age 5, climbed a tree and fell on the concrete. Steve and I tried to rush him to the hospital but an 18 wheeler overturned & we were stuck in traffic for 3 hours. We had to keep him awake. He was treated for a concussion and we returned. He jumped out of the car and immediately climbed the same tree.

18th: There is another missionary near to us. He is Canadian and was here sharing with the children. He told them that he was pouring a slab. Our older boys asked if they could help and they finished the project in one day.

23rd: Easter Sunday and we had our first sunrise service. The government announced that they expected strikes and violence tomorrow because the bus fares had risen Sure enough! A number of buses were burned.

26th: 19 buses have been burned and violence was wide spread in the city. No deaths but plenty of arrests! Today a missionary and his family were forced off the highway flipping their car. They all are critical and were air lifted to Miami where 2 remain in comas.

John and Sharon began their new ministry in Chichicastenango. It will last for many years touching the lives of pregnant women and rural pastors. It would also provide cleft lip surgery for hundreds of children. In fact it would have as many as 200 pastors attending his conferences. Since many pastors cannot read they listen to John and try to memorize his sermons which they would in turn teach their congregations. Many pastors simply listen to preaching on the radio and recite what they can remember.