# 194 our story

It could not have happened at a worse time! We had to hire professionals to try and find the problem with the plumbing underground in Vencedores but they fixed it.

We are having to purchase a new pump and have all of the pipes pulled up from the ground to replace that pump. These were costs we were not expecting at a time when we have just paid double salaries & are purchasing new uniforms and all of the school supplies for the new year.

The university boys are cleaning the water tanks.

The Oklahoma team went on an outreach to a village.

Happy New Year


March 1, 2000: We received 11 new children. Glenda had an emergency appendectomy. Dr. Buck diagnosed. 12th: One of the construction men here with the team hanging steel fell and broke his wrist. 15th: Some of the men hung all the windows in the new dorm.

18th: So far this month we have finished the plumbing, electrical and put in the strips for sheet rock. 20th: At 2am we received 8 new children. 22nd: All the sheet rock is in place.  I had Chuck preach last night. We were able to get Michelle’s passport today. We want her to see a neurologist in New Orleans.

24th: Bill and Ann who are the nearest age to Dottie and me went with us to the lake and to visit two churches. 25th: Carlos, Polly and their large family are at the border and heading to Casa.

27th: The final group of sheet-rockers, steel workers, tile layers and cabinet makers arrived. We received 9 new children. David and Regina left for the states. Their son will watch the dorm while they are gone.

April 1 was a long day of laying tile and hanging gutters. Some of our older boys offered to grout the tile. Eighteen months ago the electric company said they were going to give us more power. Finally they came today to begin that project. But on the negative side a neighbor came to tell me he was going to sue me because my gutter was hanging 6” over his property. So I took it down and I found someone to redesign the gutter. This is on the baby dorm.

9th: Today was visiting day and the parents were leaving a bus ran over one of the women. She is seriously injured.