#193 our story

We have a major problem with the plumbing in Vencedores. The Oklahoma team is helping Felipe with it. We worked all day and could not fix it. We will call Rotor-ruta.


January 27th: Steve and Pam had a baby boy. A Korean factory about 5 miles from us sent sandwiches and drinks for the children Eventually I would meet them and even dine in their home. The month ended with no Y2K happening.

February 2000: Dottie and I were invited to participate in a mission conference in The Woodlands, Tx. I had never been involved in one so had no idea what to do. Yet here it is 18 years later and that church is still heavily involved with us. 6th: I spoke at all three morning services.

7th: A medical team from Ohio arrived and would exam all of the children before the week was over. They also had time to present a service to the children using puppets.

10th: Met with Pastor Ronnie at Springdale Baptist. Spoke to a group in the evening service. On the 12thwe met with my pastor, Melvin, and wife, Chloe. When he passed away in 2017 we had been friends for over 40 years.

17th: Received a child who had just witnessed his brother being shot to death for his tennis shoes. It would take months for him to get over the horror.

19th: We began building three churches in Aldea Nueva Esperanza, Alde Palama and Nueva Jerusalen. The 18 wheelers arrived with 93,000 pounds of lumber, steel, sheet rock, plumbing supplies and plywood for the new dormitory being built for the boys.#