# 191 our story

The new house parents, Don & Lizzi, as well as Georgie arrived today so we are so blessed.

We are richer than we think! We are more blessed than we know! We have more than we realize! Dottie and I wish you the best of Christ in 2019.



December 1, 1999. Ruebin informed me that he felt a call from God to preach. There was a terrible accident between a car and a train. The husband of one of our girls, Ranelda, from Alleluia Acres was killed.  7th: We finished the Bible Olympics today with Gino, Olga M. and Marcus finishing 1,2,3.

9th: There was a special meeting with Jerry in Gulfport about the construction projects. He and I also drove to LSU to visit his father who was a big wig at the university.

17th: Dottie and I left early with a van full of boys who will sing and then I will preach in Quiche. 20th: The police called about a girl(child) who had been raped. It was past midnight before I returned with her.  21st: A Cuban air plane ran off the runway at the Guatemala airport killing 26.

23rd: We are now up to 40 turkeys being cooked for Christmas. 24th: It took nearly 5 hours and over 3000 gifts to get them to the right child.  29th: We took 70 children to the movies.