# 190 our story

Jeremy preached in my place and laid out the plan of salvation perfectly.


October 1,1999 The hospital diagnosed Ignacia as having a blocked kidney so treatment was finely begun. 4th: Ignacia had her surgery. They removed a kidney. She will have spent 30 days in the hospital before returning to Casa.

9th: Our teenage boys volunteered and then painted the offices in the new school. We received a new boy and the courts asked that I take him to the governmental forensic people so they could determine his age. This will not be the first as over the years 50 children have been given birthdates this way.

22nd: Sebastian ran through a plate glass door and required over 50 stitches. Anna fell and split her head requiring 10 stitches. I sliced my finger while opening a container and I required 7 stitches. Magali had an appendectomy.

27th: We donated over 20 beds and mattresses to another ministry because we were blessed with new beds and mattresses. We also donated a motorcycle to the pastor in Hacienda Maria because he walks miles between churches to preach.

November 4: Mark & Melvin worked on my computer and then Melvin preached to the teenagers. Today was graduation day in San Bartolome where our children study. Jorge was valedictorian and both Priscilla and Billy gave speeches. So all three speeches were given by our children,

12th: We hosted an Olympics with medals and ribbons. The children were grouped so as to be fair. There were 2 children from each dorm, including toddlers, who participated so it was a wild time taking 3 days to complete. There was the usual running competitions as well as Bible memory, poem writing, etc.

20th: The US Air Force Academy donated 45 computers if we can get them down to Guatemala. Remember Ignacia and her kidney surgery? Well, today she broke her leg.  26th: Felix was adopted by a family in Utah and would later become a USA Marine.