#189 our story

Jeremy and the Oklahoma team missed their flight so arrived today as did Mike and Jessica from Texas.

Fernando & Anna bought a new house & they took all of their girls from Esperanza to see it.

Mynor & I worked on a power point in case we do go home in February.

The pastor has a new church so thanks to all of you who gave.



August 1, 1999 we had a deluge with over 6” of water in the multi-purpose building and more than that in the tents.  4th: Dottie’s sister Martha arrived with Bill and when we returned to Casa we were told that Sheryl had just been robbed by 5 armed men in San Lucas which is only 2 miles from our home.

5th: Martha sang songs in Spanish during our church service. The boys of Alpha and Omega invited the girls to participate in the vigilia which is a time of praise, preaching and testimony. I sent the girls to their beds at 4a while the boys stayed until 6am. One of our teens, Fernando, began leading worship.

7th: The bank repossessed the property behind us and asked if we would like to buy it. It was valued at $65,000 but they sold it to us for $45,000.

21st: Jorge broke his arm & Talin broke his wrist. Steve and Jerry finished the design work for the baby dorm. They let me sit in.

September 1999: We began moving dirt for the foundation of the baby dorm. On the 6thwe moved 55 girls into the new dorm. Andrew woke me up to rush to the tent where a boy was foaming at the mouth. Twelve boys were surrounding him praying. He recovered quickly but we took him to the hospital. He was fine.

12th: While I was preaching I was told a boy had run away. I went everywhere and could not find him. When I returned near dark he met me at the gate and said, “I cannot find the shower head” to which I replied, “I could not find you.”

14th: Bill H and Allen arrived and will be welding all week. We hospitalized Ignacia and when I returned home Eberto had broken his foot. Back to the hospital I went! 21st: I hired Juan as a full time welder. Ignacia was originally found tied to a tree. Her mother tied her up when she went to work. The physicians believe that she has internal damage so we changed hospitals and found a specialist. He thinks that she has kidney damage.