#188 Our story

Cristine arrived and immediately went shopping for the Oklahoma team arriving Friday.

Everyone seems to be helping in conserving water since we are operating on one well. The holidays have kept the well digging company from coming out.

We finished the home for the pastor. You will remember what a dump they were living in.

The pastor has a home


July 1999 began with a first. Steve performed  the wedding of Keith & Connie from the USA who chose to get married at Casa. Also the Ohio folks held a birthday party for all of the children at Casa with chicken, ice cream & cake. The rain has been torrential.

Dottie and I purchased 400 pairs of shoes. When I went to checkout of Walmart the lady asked what they were for. When I told her she got the manager and he gave me a 50% discount.

Anna fell and broke a number of teeth. Sebastian, teenager, got all the older teens together for an all night prayer vigil. 11th: My birthday and Guatemala was hit with a 6. earthquake. It did not damage our homes. Laiza, a teen, is studying tourism so she left for Mexico today.

We had a special treat for the children. Corn dogs! Dottie’s father is so ill. It saddens her that she cannot see him but twice a year. I believe that heaven amongst all of its blessings will be a time of reunion.

The older boys have decided to organize a group called Alpha & Omega. Billy is the president. They will fast one Saturday and have a worship service the following Saturday. Members are Ruebin, Sebastian, Fernando, Daniel, Cetmer, Billy, Gunter and Eberto.

24th: The government began construction work on the Pan American highway which is where we live. They are moving poles in front of our home so we are lacking phone and electrical services for a few days.