# 187 our story

You may remember Debbie’s sister, Cindy, had a son who shot himself accidently recently. His jaw is still wired. Now they have discovered that Cindy’s husband, Brian, has cancer. They asked for prayer.

Today was visiting day for the parents who have permission to see their children.

We are having trouble finding a math teacher for senior high so please be praying for this.

Cristine arrived back at Casa. I am so grateful.


My two sisters

May 27, 1999: We ordered 40,000 adoqines which are paving blocks and I also hired a 6 man work team to begin laying them. The mud is terrible in the wet season and the dust is horrible in the dry season. We finished churches in Ojehrkbail, Guatalon Rio Bravo and equipped Santo Pacto.

The courts told us to hire a psychologist and a social worker. So on June 1stI hired Aura & Edy. 18th: Byron fell through the roof but Dr. Franklin was here and checked him out. He is fine.

June 25thDottie and I were in New Orleans where we went to Bible Radio Book Store. It was the greatest Christian bookstore ever until Hurricane Katrina took it from me.

29th: I was invited to go to the prison in Leaksville, Ms by the chaplin who is a Catholic nun. I had no idea what to preach. When I opened my mouth I heard myself say, “I have 300 children who are in my home because they did not have a father’s love.” I did not speak for more than 2 minutes before an inmate came up and asked me to hug him.

When he moved I saw a line of prisoners waiting for me to give them a hug. It was one of the most intense moments in my life. We all need a father’s hug.