# 186 our story

The year has flown by. We are purchasing school supplies, texts and uniforms as we as hiring some new teachers. This is an exhausting time as preparing and presenting Christmas gifts, special meals, all night New Year’s celebration & now moving children to different dorms and the beginning of school.

We are operating on one water well & waiting to see what a new pump & installation will cost.

We also are trying get an apartment ready for the new couple.

Some of you may remember Analy who showed up at Casa when she was 13 & told me she was a virgin & wanted to live here because of gang activity in her village. Well she graduated from college and worked here a few years and then moved this week to another job. The fruit from the children of the past continues to grow as God has been so faithful.


My sisters and their children.


March 27, 1999 was the day of our first wedding between an American & one of the Guatemalans. Ed and Alicia had a precious ceremony. I am certain that this will be the first of many weddings here in the future. April 1, 1999: The Mississippi team left this morning but the have finished the foundation for the vocational school which is huge. 15th: Carlos Enrique, age 3 months, arrived. His mother died giving birth. We will call him QuiQue. As I write this update in 2018 QuiQue is a college student and has lived in our home with Dottie and me since the day he arrived at Casa.

April 16, 1999. Thom and his Tennessee team arrived to put the steel framing in place on the vocational building.  Jerry and his Alabama team also arrived & will be tiling showers and bathrooms.

19th: Finished two churches in Santa Catarina and San Pacto.

May 2, 1999. We took Zoila & Nancy to the hospital so they could attend the last rites being given to their mother. She would die soon after.

4th: The children had a massive project as they wanted to help me move the women’s tent and all the furnishings to another area. It rained so much that there was a river of water running through the tent.

8th: Roy Wikoff from WAOY radio in Biloxi/Gulf Port came to visit. Have been broad casting on that station.