# 183 our story

The weather is very cold. This morning I shared with the children on the theme of The Lord’s Supper and then in the evening we celebrated the Lord’s Supper.

One of our social workers arranged for a group of her friends to come and provide tamales and drinks for all of the children.

Since it is holiday season this puts us in a bind with the water well not working. Thank the Lord we have two wells but I still need you to be praying we can get all the pipes pulled out of the ground and a new pump installed as soon as possible.

Also pray that God will provide the money because we are at the most costly time of the year. We just bought gifts for all of the children; we bought the school supplies and texts; we bought the school uniforms; wepaid the extra salaries to all of our employees, etc. and this pump situation has blindsided us.

Dottie had an early Christmas dinner for the Americans and our regular Sunday children.



25th:November 1998: Hurricane Mitch hit with a vengeance and there are land slides everywhere. A medical team flying to Quiche ran into a mountain and everyone was killed. It is estimated that over 1000 have lost their lives. We cannot drive to Guatemala City because the highway is under tons of dirt and mud.

3rd: The death toll number for all of Central America has risen to 7000. There are 28 bridges in Guatemala washed away.

December 1998 began with the courts asking us to receive a child burned by his mother. She is under arrest and he is in a burned unit.

17th: The special needs child, Michelle, is now our legally adopted daughter. Rotary International, Fayetteville, finished equipping the multi-purpose building.  A neighbor came by with the death certificate of his daughter. He needed $25 to bury her.

20th: The brother of Veronica was arrested in Villa Nueva so I went and picked up his mother in Peronia. We were able to get him out of jail. The charges were dropped. David and Steve E. bought a pool table, a ping pong table and an air hockey table for the older boys for Christmas. Three ping pong tables and three hockey tables were bought for the girl’s dorms.

25th: Christmas Day and we served the children 30 turkeys with all the trimmings. Strangely in 2015 the children would tell us they preferred tamales and punch which is traditional Guatemalan food. So the cost of Christmas dinner would drop drastically.