# 182 Our story


Christmas supper

car had a technician out here at 5am because we have no water on the back property. The technician says the pump needs to be replaced. That is a major job as well as very costly.


September 1998: The rain water comes down our property so we began digging a couple of deep catch basins and running the water through the front property to the back. 10th: Began building a church in Los Encuentras Quiche’.  The transformer blew for the 3rdtime in a month.                                                             The electric company says they will install a larger one.  22nd: The airport was closed again due to volcano activity. 24th: The court in the city called and told me that I had to drive to the city and pick up an official to come inspect our home because she did not want to ride a bus.

27th: The leader of the guerrillas passed away. He had led the insurgence against the government for 31 years and was instrumental in signing the peace accord 2 years ago. The floods have closed the border at Tapichlua, Mexico and over 100 people drowned.

With David and Regina now living in the boy’s dorm we feel that we have a solid group of house parents. Jerry, Glen and Wes arrived to do some brainstorming concerning the future.

October 8, 1998 began with the water pumps not working so Brennen & Steve tied the well pump directly into the system and we will get a technician to come.

We built a brush arbor in Ojer Caibal which 3 churches will use until there is a large enough congregation to build a church. A group of mechanics came on a team so they are checking all our vehicles from top to bottom.

17th: Dottie and I took 12 girls to sing in Tzanchoj and then I preached. The weather got bad so we couldn’t drive home. I went into a motel where the rates were $50 per night. When I told him what we were doing he gave me each room for $8.