#181 Our story

Our social workers & psychologists had a special program for the children.

In the evening we had the yearly Christmas dinner with all of the children ages 13 and up.

There were 48 children attending tonight who had their very first Christmas in the baby dorm & are now in high school or higher. God is so good.

The children waiting for the signal to open thir gifts


The teams the last two months built a multipurpose building consisting of a commercial kitchen, commercial laundry, eating space for 300 children, two apartments, two bathrooms, an upstairs with three large storage rooms. They also finished the boy’s dorm and 68 boys have moved into it.

August 1998: I went to TransExpress to pick up the paperwork for the container. They did not even look for them they just said they were not there. I told the man it was for the First Lady and suddenly and magically he said, “Wait! I believe that I hear the delivery boy now.” I received the paperworks.

What was so sad was that the delay meant we had a large team of men who could not work because we did not have the materials. The container would arrive the day before the men were to leave so they worked from noon until the trip to the airport at 7am. Four of the Lafayette team changed their tickets so they could work 4 more days.

Curtis, an electrician who has worked here 10 days, left this morning and a transformer blew up right outside our gate. It would have been so much easier to replace had he still been here. The electric company would not send anyone for 36 hours.                                                                                                             September 1998. We bought 2 acres of property next to the property with the bodegas. Steve and Pam also bought property about 5 miles away for the ministry God has laid on their heart.