# 180 our story

Today we had our staff Christmas party with games and food. There are over 100 staff members so it is a testimony to God’s love.

Grizelda, age 13, a dialysis patient arrived & is so happy. She is on hemo-dialysis.

Grizelda Joanna


May 30th, 1998 we were able to get the second tent up for visitors. These are from the Korean War and have never been used. Thom & the Tn/Ky team arrived to begin wrapping the steel around the new building. They would also show a film on the Passion of Christ.

June 5thwe poured 20% of the multi-purpose building. That was 150 bags of cement. I purchased 400 more bags of cement and the sand, gravel, etc.      18th: We flew to see Dottie’s father who is in a coma in the nursing home. The First Lady of Guatemala visited our home while we were gone. Estella sang her a solo and Jorge told her the story of Casa.

July 16, 1998:  The well is finished! So we have an abundance of clear, pure water. The team from Springdale was able to get the trusses up on the new boy’s dorm. I want to quote a man who said this to me when I took him to the airport. “I was shot down in Viet Nam 3 times; hit by bullets 6 times and as a policeman I was shot again. But I never saw God until I came here. Tell the children that I accepted Christ and am leaving Guatemala as a new Christian”.

21st: One of the visitors wrecked our van. The USA FBI arrested the priest that murdered the Bishop. 28th: We rented a large storage place in the city where we can store and wrap Christmas gifts.