# 179 our story

Dina RN and supervisor of nurses at a cancer hospital, and Nancy(RN) and a nurse in a rehab facility visited yesterday. They were raised at Casa and have done remarkably well.

We gave out the gifts to the younger dorms. Gladys worked all year & it was over in 2 hours.


Nancy and Dina


May 1998: Steve was working on the roof of the two-story school when he fell through to the cement floor. We thought he had broken his back but he is just in a lot of pain.

We removed a large bee comb and the children ate the honeybees and all. No one got sick.  May 12th: We began putting the roof on the large multi-purpose building and the well diggers arrived with the drilling equipment and began that wonderful blessed work. Dottie’s father was placed in a nursing home.

John P. arrived today to begin putting in the sewage and water lines for the new projects. We rented a backhoe. Damaris Beam who is thought to be the most talented Christian singer in Guatemala came and sang for the children.

16th: We laid all the water pipes and the pressure tank was installed and tested. The water well is at 150’ deep so we should have water within the week. In the midst of all that is happening the electric company arrived to install new poles.

18th: Tanya, our daughter, and her husband were robbed on a bus. Sadly her husband would die at a very young age.

21st: The city is covered with ash as the Pagaya Volcano erupted. The airport closed for two days and we were scheduled to get a new construction team on that day. Curtis and Wayne did arrive to rough in the electrical in the new building.#