176 Our story

Jim, Kate& Bob took his discipleship team to Fraternadad Cristiano for a special time of worship and the Word.

Today was very cold again.

Gladys and I chose the dates as to when we will give out the gifts to the younger children as well as when we will have the meal with the older children.

Next Sunday we will have the Lord’s Supper in the evening so Sunday morning I want to share why we celebrate Holy Communion


November 17, 1997. Steve O. was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight as he was taking a new motorcycle to a pastor. 20th: Drove to the El Salvador border to the village where Marily was born so we could get her birth certificate. 26th: Took 53 children to buy shoes for school.

26th: A bank was robbed with one thief and one customer were killed. Weeks later the other 11 thieves were captured and they were ex-military. 27th: Today is Thanksgiving Day and I took another 30 children to buy shoes. The school year begins in January thus the reason for buying shoes, books, uniforms, etc.

December 10, 1997 we went to Crossett, Arkansas to celebrate Dottie’s father’s birthday. He is the one who led me to Jesus. While in the states I went to visit with Brother Barry at KAJN radio. I am writing this in 2018 so we have been on the radio nearly 40 years. We returned to Guatemala on the 16th. We began wrapping Christmas gifts immediately.

22nd: All the dorm parents helped as we cooked 24 turkeys, 34 pies and all of the trimmings for Christmas day. Ken, who was a chef coordinated it all. Jakelin broke her arm and they had to do surgery in order to fix it.

1998 began with a service and the Lord’s Supper and 11 children gave their lives to Christ.  On the 10thwe dug up 80 small trees. Later that evening we experienced the hardest earthquake since being Guatemala. Registered 5.2.

14th: Chad and Tura blessed us with our second grandchild. Dana Nicole!