#173 our story

A large group of our children who were winners during the year of family dinner on Saturday night went to a biological exhibit.

The news reported today that the temperature will reach -7 centigrade which is below 19 degrees Fahrenheit making it the coldest temperature we have experienced. They expect it will be in late December.

The children at the park

January 1, 1997 Amalfi came home from work as an accountant in a firm with 6 accountants and she has been chosen as head accountant. Today we poured the foundation for our new home.

7th: Today it was announced that a missionary and his son had drowned. They were our neighbors both in San Cristobal and Santa Maria. Peter Farant was a true man of God. Later in the day someone stole the license plates off of our truck. 12th: I was asked to speak at the sewage dedication.

February 6th. Dottie and I had flown to Atlanta to get a pickup gifted to us. We drove it back to Guatemala with very little trouble. We only had to bribe two sets of policemen.

March: We have a new generator coming. A gift! Herb poured the concrete slab for it. I have a forklift coming that did not come. I went the city and drove it at 10 mph up the mountain but we did get the generator in place. Took it off the trailer & set it on logs and rolled it.

13th: Received the license for the clinic.  17th: We took the men to the airport & realized that we had left 3 at home asleep. Herman drove to my house & brought them to the airport. They flew out & then the same 3 men missed their connecting flight in New Orleans. This same day a woman came to tell me that her husband had raped their 3 daughters and the judge let him out of jail. So she had the judge send the girls here.