#172 our story

The weather has been exceptionally cold.

As the year comes to an end we again are grateful for the kindnesses and blessings of the Lord. We are very grateful for those who sponsor children or give love gifts to assist us in helping the children. We are blessed with every child God has entrusted to us and especially grateful for those who were saved in 2019.

Today we received a family of four ages 13, 11, 7 and one.

Nov. 10, 1996. Dottie and I had a real experience. We went to Poaquil where we were to baptize a number of new Christians. There were about 200 in attendance and we had to walk about 40 minutes to a beautiful river. When we began baptizing gun shots rang out. The guerrillas were on a hill shooting into the air. Not one church member left. They refused to be intimidated. They continued to sing.

12th: Today would be the day in Casa’s history that we would receive the most children at one time. They were 5 months, 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,15 & 16. That was a very active mother.

16th: Guatemalan justice! In Masatenango a white pickup with 4 men in it robbed a bus. An hour later a rider on that bus saw a white pickup with 4 men. The villagers killed and burned them only to discover they were the wrong men.

21st: Dottie and I are so tired of Christmas gift wrapping that we began today allowing the girls to wrap f the boy’s gifts and the boys will do the same for the girls.

In December we began another tradition. All of the children get to go through “the store”. What we do is put all of the clothes donated or bought this year and put them by sizes, etc. and then let the children walk through and “shop”. They love it.

21st. I took 4 children to see their mother in the hospital. She was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer. She suffered tremendously and died from what was found to be stomach cancer.