#171 our story

Gladys has worked so hard on the gifts for Christmas but she fell on my stairs & has a major bruise on her face.

Walmart came today and had gifts, games and a program for the children ages 0-17.

Walmart program


October 5, 1996 Jerry and Curtis came from Mississippi to see what they could do to help finish the clinic. This would be the beginning of an incredible friend- ship. When Jerry left he said, “I am going to build a house for you and Dottie”.

13th: We were given a motorcycle by Motorcycles for Christ to give to a pastor. We took it to Claudio in Tzanchaj because he pastors 3 churches and walks from one to the other.

15th: Rosa flipped her bicycle and had major damage to her private area. The surgery was two hours long. She is really suffering with the pain.

22nd: Today was the first time that I had to take a child to court to testify against her grandfather for sexual abuse. The girl was 6 years old but told her story clearly. When she finished the grandmother ran up and spit in the child’s face.

26th: We had 3 different graduations at 3 different schools. This type of circumstance would become regular as our children age and graduate. The daughter of a friend of mine whose wife died 3 months ago was decapitated in a car accident.

November 1, 1996. Steve was robbed on a bus today after he exchanged money at a bank. We would experience three such robberies over the next two years. I believe that they had to be inside jobs. Wes and his family arrived from Georgia. Today is Day of the Dead so giant kites are flown in the cemeteries so that the dead family member can have booze and food tied to the kites.