#170 our story

This will be a great week for the children ages 0-17 as there are three activities for them.

Kate will be taking the responsibility for the school inventory. As you can image this is a huge job.

On January we will be moving 6 older college students to transition. Billy and Olga will move there with them and Ezdras and Estefani will move to Doncillas and Don & Liz are coming to take Vencedores which are the middle group of boys.

Minor, our son, at the lake where the staff visited over the weekend.

May 4, 1996 I preached in Pixabaj and the offering was 10 bushels of radishes and one bushel of onions. Josh took 20 boys horseback riding. John Brown University in Arkansas sent a representative to see if they could send two students here for the summer.

The police confiscated my truck leaving me on the side of the road. I took a bus to town and filed a grievance and they returned the truck to me.

July was a month that had a horrible attitude demonstrated by the government. We have four siblings here with two having Spanish parents and the other two have a Spanish mother and a Negro father. They took the latter two and separated them in other homes. But God would intervene and both were adopted to the USA. The boy is in the US Army.

The girl, Maria, with the arthritic hands will be sent to Dr. Pitts in Indianapolis for treatment.

July 6 was the day we were told that if we could come up with $10000 the government would match it and we could have the sewer drain.

July 8thour daughter, Elizabeth, got married. On the 21stwe officially became Casa para Ninos Aleluya. I immediately went and registered with the government. A business man came by with 90 galloons of milk.

September 1, 1996. Rosa was operated on for a crushed thumb. In the last ten days Elder, Yerman & Eberto broke their arms.