#169 Our story

All of the dorms have made Christmas decorations and they are so talented.

The office staff took two days to go to the beach together.

It was a very quiet day today which I suppose we all needed.


Dottie & I with Oscar


March 1,1996 began with US Aid coming and telling us that they were cutting food surplus to Feed the Children in Guatemala.  My mother was hospitalized in Baton Rouge due to her heart condition.

All 4 of our daughters accompanied a medical team as translators. Children learn another language while I struggle. I preached in Tzanchaj. We received a deaf child who knows sign language so he can communicate with Analy. Claudia, age 4, broke her arm when Briggit pushed her off the couch.

March 7. I preached in Paquip where we also distributed food. We left Paquip and drove to Chotala where I preached in the morning; then to Saquilla where I preached in the afternoon followed by an evening meeting in Chopul. These four pastors live on $16 per month salaries.

April 9thwe received a family with a 12 year old who was pregnant. I had her transferred to a home for unwed mothers. After her baby was born both of them returned so she could be with her siblings. On the 12thDottie and I traveled to Chiqua II and Santa Clara to dedicate churches.

24tha pretty 24 year old woman came asking for help as she has degenerative arthritis and her hands look 90 years old. A woman on the Indiana team fell and broke her leg as the team was loading up to go the airport to fly home. She will have to stay a week or so before being able to fly.

Tony Chacheres sent us 1000 pounds of Cajun food.