#167 Our story

Oscar was finally able to get the technician and the parts to fix the pump on the well for the back property. He was having to do it manually in order to fill the tanks. He graduates tomorrow with a second college degree. He is already a licensed architect so this new degree is an Administration in Construction.

Please pray with me as we will need nearly $10,000 to begin school in January & we need that money within two weeks.

We had staff worship today.


October 1995. There was a massacre of Indians in a village and a number of soldiers have been arrested. The Minister of Defense resigned over that massacre in Quiche.

In the 90s I had a radio show Monday through Thursday and Dottie ministered on Fridays. I still get letters today in 2018 to let her preach again.

November began with me preaching in Xepetan and 20 of our children singing for the congregation. We passed by Chuequil where the church is 80% complete.

Nov 5thwas the day I have already told you about when Dottie flipped the van and broke her back. What I did not tell you was that Dottie got tired of cooking pretty quickly. She was in such pain that Steve and Pam came and stayed with the children and Dottie and I went to their home. Such a kind gesture!

December 1995. There is so much to do to prepare for Christmas and without Dottie it is not only difficult but not much fun. The government has cracked down on vehicles. They announced the police found 78 stolen trucks, 68 automatic weapons and arrested 50 illegal aliens.

I spent December taking a few children each day to purchase new clothes and shoes.