#165 our story

Christine left this morning for the holidays.

Dottie and I watched the funeral of President George HW Bush. Michael Smith who has been to Casa and sang to our children also sang at the funeral.

Josue’ has been working with the college students getting them enrolled for 2019.

There are so many changes being made due to so many American staff leaving. Just pray that we can follow through with plans for the future that we currently have.

My writing these updates has caused many people to write me with their own memories. Neat!


In April 1995 our guard and handyman, Luis, was robbed in his home. The 4 thieves put a knife to his wife’s throat. He barely had anything to steal. The men were caught and sent to jail. Their sentence was two weeks. Incredible!

We only have to put the roofs on the churches in Chuacruz and Canton Chupal and they will be finished.

An Indian gentleman had gotten saved and the villagers were so angry that they took him from his home and tied a rope around his neck and he other end to a truck and pulled him down a road. His neck is broken and he is paralyzed.

We have a guard, Vanacio, whose wife gave birth to their first child last night. The baby lived for 5 hours. So I had another funeral to officiate.

The police are striking in the city as the government has given them 48 hour shifts instead of 24 hours. They give them one hour to sleep per 24 hours. I assume this will not last.

August 1, 1995. My mother had chest pains and called my sister. They both live in Baton Rouge. My sister told her to call 911and she, my sister, was on her way. The door bell rang and my mother had a massive heart attack standing in from of the medical personnel who promptly restarted her heart and rushed he to the hospital where she had successful surgery.

When I called her I said, “Mama, look what God did. You would have died.” Her answer saddened me, “I was just lucky.”