#164 our story

Juan who was on dialysis and scheduled to come to Casa has died in surgery this morning.

Manuel broke his wrist.

I worked on the end of the month reports and then took Dottie to lunch. We were both saddened by Walt & Gretchen leaving today as well as Brandi & Randi.


Can you guess who this is in 1962

I took some of the boys with me shopping and as we were eating ice cream a young woman of about 21 years of age asked me who I was and who the children were. When I told her what she wanted she said, “Will you please take my brother?” I asked her why and she called him over to us.

She lifted his shirt up and his back was scarred as he had been beaten with bob wire. It was unbelievable. I drove her with all the boys to court and showed the scars and the sister of the boy explained it was his father who beat him with the bob wire. The judge did not hesitate in giving him to us. We now have 104 children on our property.

I drove to Tecpan to pick up a pastor who then rode with me to Santa Caterina to visit a church. Then we took a boat across the lake where bought property to build a church in San Pablo de la Laguna We spent the night there leaving at 4am when we visited churches the Lord has built in Chichi, Saquilla, Chiche, Quiche and Chicua. It was a very long but very blessed trip.

My mother finally resigned as a housemother at LSU. She was the last dorm parent there as the university is using grad students.