#163 our story

The dorms are decorating for Christmas. They are so creative.

Gladys has been working on getting the gifts ready for the children.

We told Walt and Gretchen goodbye and it is still hard for me to realize that they are leaving. When you add Randi and Brandi into the mix you can the huge hole that Casa is experiencing. This is like losing a family member.

We were able to see the George H.W. Bush ceremony in the capital in Washington. He was a great American.

Dottie & I with our first child whi died 54 years ago

January 1,1995. Susie died this morning while visiting her father. She was hit in the stomach and bled internally. Without even looking at her the medical examiner said it was a heart attack. She was 15 years old.

She recently celebrated her 15thbirthday call the quinceras so we buried her in that dress. The father did not want me involved in the funeral. H wanted no service at all. But I took a number of teenage girls to the cemetery.

You have to picture walls of tombs stacked 10 high and as long as a football field. This where the poor are buried. When you arrive with the body you are literally in a line of 10 to 20 coffins waiting to be placed in the tomb. They use a fork lift to raise the body to the tomb.

We were waiting in line and were next when the people behind us asked me if I was a Christian. When I said, “Yes” they asked if our girls could sing and would I give a eulogy for their son.

So we were able to sing and I shared while Susie was being placed in her tomb. God showed Himself mightily that day.

My truck was broken into and all the paperwork taken. I had to go to the police and inform them so I can get new registration papers.