We prayed over Walt & Gretchen as they leave this week. Many tears were shed. I even broke down twice while preaching. I had Walt pray for Mike & Amber as that torch is passed.


Walt and us praying for Mike & Amber



Sometimes things are just too funny to describe. A tradition Dottie began and is still happening in 2018 is that when a child loses a tooth Dottie gives the child some candy. I walked in on Julio and Bubba and Julio was trying to pull a tooth from Bubba. I laughed so hard it was difficult to scold them.

The largest church that we have been blessed to build is in San Jose’ Poaquil. It seats hundreds. They asked me to come and dedicate the building. When I arrived there were hundreds inside and over 100 outside. The services begin at 9am and go until 7pm for 15 days and then they will go to regular time. The reaction of the people was wonderful. Many gave their lives to Christ. It made me hungry to build more churches. In the 29 years we have been in Guatemala the Lord has allowed us to build over 100 churches, pastor’s homes & Sunday school buildings.

Most of the buildings we build are small and remote. Often times they are not always accessible by vehicles. They can often be built for $5,000.

I remember building a church in Hacienda Maria when there was only one known Christian in the village. As we built many onlookers would just sit and stare. The one Christian began to witness as the work was progressing. By the time the church was finished he had led over 300 to Jesus.