161 our story

I watch the Buen Pastor boys on Saturday morning for Alex and Sarah and this was the first time not one boy had bad behavior for a week.

Mike & Amber are doing well. They only have positive things to say about their first 3 days here.

Gretchen and Walt are both tying up loose ends as they will be leaving this week. My heart is saddened.

Gunter, who was raised at Casa, graduated as a systems engineer today.

We have a large number of children who do not have sponsors. For $40 a month you can bless a child.

The Md and Penn team srerving a meal to Buen Pastor



October 10, 1994. Paul came by to tell us he had just made arrangements for us to ship a container on a banana boat for free if we can get our items to Miami.

October 16th. Another baby died in a village we were helping. The father came and asked if I would preach the funeral. What made this request so special was that the family was Catholic and I was asked to preach during the mass and then again at the grace site.

21st: A man came to the gate and announced that he was the brother of one of our girls. What made this incredible was that he had abused her when she was young and now the courts give him access to her whether she wanted to see him or not. She cried so hard and hid so we sent word to the court and they rescinded the order.

Along with stealing electrical lines thieves have now begun to steal the electric meters.

Dottie cooked 600 pancakes this morning.

The hippies came by from Antigua and asked if they could take our children to lunch. I allowed them to do so but I accompanied them. While riding a bus we saw another bus burning. The government had raised bus prices so the reaction was to burn the buses. That does not make any sense as now there are fewer buses in service.

Stores were also being looted. It was not a good time for us to be off of our property with the children

November 5thwas baptism day. We baptized 41 children. The next day I enrolled 25 of the older children in a C five day Christian camp in Paramos. Of course none od our children have ever experienced this.