#160 our story

Dottie has been putting her albums together of all the quinceaneras over the last 20 years. It is almost a game to see if we recognize the girls in the photographs.

We have not gotten much response about us ministering in your church in February. Pray that God would move hearts so others can hear the story of Casa.


September 23,1994. Last night there were 3 separate bombing incidents in the city. A mall, the main soccer complex and a restaurant were bombed causing one death and many injuries. So the police and army were out in force stopping cars and checking identifications. The news reported that it was due to the fact the President was losing control.

The Guatemalan army has not left the borders of Guatemala in 121 years but today are going to Haiti as part of a United Nations force.

Having Sharon, nurse, has been a Godsend. She has been tracking the weight of each child and has determined that 27 are not gaining weight so she will redo the menus and get more supplements into them.

October 1, 1994

This was the first attempt at taking a Christmas picture with over 100 individuals. Little did I realize that we would eventually take a picture with over 600 folks.

We were given the run-a-round for a month or two but we were finally get a 220 electrical service which will allow us to get commercial washers, etc. In fact we went and purchased a commercial dishwasher.

A snake bit Olga and it began to swell but soon she was ok. The father of one of the cleft palate children who died came by to tell me his next child had just died in childbirth. He asked Dottie and I if we would take them to their village and perform the funeral.