#159 our story

Mike & Amber are now here and have taken the Los Cometa boys dorm. They spent the night in the dorm with the boys so they hit the ground running.

There is still a problem with the water on the back property. A technician is scheduled to come this afternoon. The water will pump into the tanks manually but not automatically.

Sindy 1 who is gone is having surgery to place another catheter and there is just no place left on her body for it. Please pray for a miracle.

Kindergarten graduates


August 1994 was an adventure day. We took the older children on a field trip to the Presidential Palace, the airport and the National Museum.

Julio, the mechanic who drove the bus with me through Mexico, came to tell me that one of his mechanics killed another of his mechanics. They both lived in his shop. He wanted to know if I could help him with the officials.

September 1, 1994 began with the police at my gate early to tell me that for the second time our phone lines had been cut and 150 feet stolen. So we will be without a phone for at least 2 weeks.

Elder became very ill during the night so we rushed him to the hospital where emergency surgery was performed. It was appendicitis. There was a family of 10 children who were standing near their father when he was lighting a gas stove. It exploded and burned all of them severely.

The 10 children all are in the ward with Elder and he asked me if I would go buy dolls for the girls and something for the boys. His heart was moved with compassion.

Amalia became our cook in September 1994 and is still cooking.

It was at this time we were told that the government wanted 50% of everything coming into the country via containers. There was an uproar so it never happened.

Still another baby came with a cleft lip and we actually were able to get surgery for him within a week. I believe that the influx of children with cleft lips was a major influence on John and Sharon because providing surgery for cleft lip children became a major part of their ministry in Chichicastenango.