#157 our story

We left for the hotel with the girls early & two hours later was notified there was no water on the back property. It took all that was in me not to return to Casa to help with the problem. I am trying to let go! Some of the girls only had the money I gave them because they do not have sponsors but before we left other children gave their sponsor money to bless them.

Quinceaneras going to the hotel



We started around 7pm on our trip towards the border. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere the bus broke down. I would have been in a lot of trouble if Julio was not with me. He was able to fix the bus.

An army unit was in the highway when we got ready to drive. They entered the bus and demanded that I give them a box. I had put a box of Spanish Bibles in the front so I handed him that box and Julio drove off swiftly. I watched as they opened the box and saw those Bibles. They were not happy but did not have a vehicle so we were able to get away.

After that we drove nonstop to the border with Guatemala. Since we had left the other vehicles in the caravan they made us wait all night at the border until the caravan arrived. We were ready to get home so we left with the caravan but quickly left them behind.

By the time we arrived home and safe and determined to never drive a bus through Mexico again.at our house we had spent $525 and one box of Bibles in bribes. But we were