#156 our story

Randi left and Walt will not be far behind. They will be missed by Dottie and I as well as the children. Gretchen is also leaving so our hearts are taking a double hit. Mike &Amber will be coming soon to take their place.

We will be taking the quinceaneras to the hotel Monday through Wednesday.

Olga has been sewing school uniforms.

Josue’ spoke at Thom’s church in Clarksville, Tn.

A baby in a black was left dead in the bathroom of an exclusive mall.

Heidy and Doris were the top two in academic excellence



We entered the cantina at 3am and a few tables had groups of men sitting at them. They were the scariest hombres that I had ever seen. Julio ordered the raw fish and then asked what I wanted. The male waiter said that they only had raw fish. So Julio ordered two and told me he would eat them both.

Suddenly Julio looked at the bus and told me that the headlights were turned on. So I walked to the bus and we had a pad lock on the door so I fumbled with the keys. I got in the driver’s seat so I could turn off the lights.

All of a sudden I heard Julio screaming, “Start the bus! Start the bus!” I looked at the cantina and Julio was running full blast towards me but I could not see anyone running after him.

When he reached the bus he fell on the steps and wrapped around his neck was a prostitute who was obviously drunk. She looked up at me and smiled and said, “Two for the price of one.” I drove that bus down the highway as fast as I could. About 4am I found a small motel and we checked in and collapsed into the beds.

But Julio could not sleep because he kept having nightmares from his experience.