155a Our story

The David & Cindy Lundy awards for top academic excellence went to Doris & Heidy.

We had two huge activities today as the aerobics instructors had their last day with Esperanza and Doncellas girls so they brought treats. The younger dorms Angelitos, Esrelitas & the younger girls in Esperanza had games, food and treats.

We received 3 more boys during the night. So we have gotten 7 children over the last week.

Some of our visitors helped build a house, others passed out food to the poor and some stayed at Casa to love on the children.


Beautiful quinceaneras

We did not want to slow down because we were behind in our schedule. Driving at night in Mexico is not the safest way to travel. When we arrived in Tampico before dark Julio was pulled off the bus by policemen who wanted a bribe. When he said no they took him to jail.

Julio yelled out the window telling me not to worry and go on driving to Guatemala. But I simply began following the police car. They realized that I was an American so they stopped the car and threw Julio into the street.

We drove to Vera Cruz getting there about midnight. We drove into a crowd of thousands as it was The Day of The Virgin. The roads were blocked with thousands of drunks walking in the road. It reminded me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. There were no rooms available anywhere and soon we were on the outskirts of Vera Cruz with no more hotels in sight.

Julio kept saying that I was starving him because we had not eaten anything since Brownsville. We drove about 5 miles and there was a cantina (bar) that was open and had a sign saying they had cerviche which is raw fish with vegetables. You will not believe what happened next.