#152 our story

Sandra Patricia who left here a few years ago came to show me her diploma from high school. She is married, has a child and finished school. I am so proud of her.

Thom, Jerry & Clay took Josue’ fishing and he fell asleep standing up in the boat with a fishing pole in his hand.

There are 3 small teams here so they are alternating outreach & playing with the kids.



April 17, 1994  We had a team from Illinois. It was amazing to watch the women on that team work along with the men. They mixed cement and carried blocks. Half the team stayed two miles from us so Dottie and I drove them there. When we returned just a few minutes later a bus had over turned and two were dead. There was one bus in the lane we were in and another bus in the adjacent lane.

There were no cell phones so we sat in the traffic for over 4 hours. Finally, the army was called to control things. People were so angry and frustrated. In fact, the army took large barrels and placed them in one lane and lit a fire in them so people could not pass that way.

May 1stwas Labor Day and we had a visit from the Chinese Christian Church. They performed a skit as well as sang songs in Manderin. They also brought some clothes which they sized and gave to the children.

I was in the city when some policemen came with papers to place a child here. Our social worker signed it and the police drove off without leaving a child. I called the judge and she said to bring the paper immediately because this was probably a child being kidnapped. They were able to find the policemen and arrest.

I was in the states and drove a bus back to Guatemala and when I pulled into the home there was Dottie holding a baby. She looked just like our child who had died. She had one side of her head flattened and a tube running down the other side of her head. She was hydrocephalic. Dottie was smitten with this baby that she asked if we could adopt her. We did adopt her and named her Dorothy Michelle after our daughter who had passed away.