#151 our story

Thom & Josue went to Gulf Port to visit Jerry C. Jerry was the instrument God used to begin all of the construction projects at Casa.

The Maryland team cooked turkeys for Buen Pastor.

Sebastian, Aroldo  & the social worker met with Dr. Lou in the city about the health of the dialysis children & the new boy we are expecting to come here

Dottie was sick all night. Tatiana with her diploma in nursing.

She will now study dialysis technician.


Tatiana with her diploma in nursing



April 11thwe were blessed by the gift of 440 pounds of beans, 660lbs of rice, 12 sacks of corn soy and 25 gallons of vegetable oil. The President said this his government would begin helping to educate the people that Americans were not selling organs from children.

Sharon had a wreck in our van so we are back to taking children to school in our pickup truck. No one was hurt in the accident and it was not her fault.

A Chinese pastor and his family came to visit. They invited us for dinner. When we arrived at their home the husband, wife and children were standing outside and they bowed down to us as we excited the van.

For dinner they sat me between the husband and wife. She served my plate. I ate everything and she filled my plate again. When I finished that plate she began to fill my plate a third time. I stopped her and said, “I cannot eat anymore.” Her reply was, “Then why did you eat it all. Our custom is when you are full you leave a bite on your plate.”

Then the most unusual thing happened and it was something I wish we would do in the states. We sat in the living room drinking tea and talking. At exactly 9pm he looked at his watch, stood up and said, “It is 9 o’clock so it is time for you to go home.”