#149 our story

Thanksgiving Day will be this Thursday but that day we have to buy the flowers for graduation on Friday so we had Thanksgiving dinner today. Each person brought their favorite dish.

There were a few boys who have let Casa & now are working and married who showed up so we invited them for dinner.

We took Champion, Dot’s dog, to the vet for a post surgical exam and all is well.

I shared in Bible today about being a good listener. One of my goals in these golden years is to be a better listener and sounding board for the children. So many children and teenagers keep their feelings to themselves to the point that they have never had good advice for making decisions and especially hearing the voice of the Lord. My prayer is that Dottie and I can make a difference in this area.

We were blessed with a new girl today.

Parents playing with their children



March 26, 1994 will always be known as Dottie’s gardening day. If you have been to Casa you know that Dottie has a tremendous amount of flowers and flower beds. The children know that the gardens are Mami’s property so no one fools with her plants and flowers.

March 27: The US Embassy sent us another load of items. This time it was 30 box springs and mattresses, one was queen size and 3 dining room sets each with 8 padded chairs.

I want to write you a direct quote from the newsletter on March 30, 1994. “As we approach this Easter Sunday and the reason we are all on this planet—His death for our sins and His rising triumphantly from the grave—I can see such rapid changes coming to our nation and the world. It will not be long before we will be calling for His coming.

Abortion, homosexuality, suicide, violence, divorce, no restraints, selfishness, perversions of every kind are now so rampant that only the hardest of hearts are not seeking to know Him better. The hope we have of eternal life with Christ is the hope that keeps all of His children looking to their calling and service in His name.

We pray that He will use you mightily in His service as we walk these latter days. I do not know the date of His coming. It may be in another 100 years. But we should live this days as though He were to call us to His table at supper time.”

Twenty-five years ago was a different era. So much is happening against Christians in 2018. It was unimaginable when I write those words.