#148 our story

There was a writing competition in our school district against a number of schools. Alvaro won the male competition and Roxana won for the females. They each received a computer printer so we are proud of them.

I am writing daily updates as many of you know. I have written over 200 daily updates about Dottie and my life. Yet I am only at December of 1998 meaning that I have over 20 years unwritten. When I think of how Jesus took a 17 year old unsaved boy from South Louisiana and paired him with a Christian teenager from Arkansas I am so humbled. He gave me His love for Dottie and through that union He has allowed us to make a difference.

Sadly, I wish that I could tell you that every child has given their heart to Jesus but that has not happened. The seeds were planted and I pray for a future crop.


Family games


Dottie and I have had some humbling experiences in our time here in Guatemala and today, March 6, 1994 was one of them. We drove to Tecpan and I preached in a church that was unfinished. The people wanted to give me an offering so they passed a basket. One man put a live chicken in the basket and it promptly used the bathroom on the offering.

We stayed for a meal which was soup. Dottie and I had the only two chairs and the only two spoons. It would have offended them. When we began building that church there were 50 children in attendance. Today there were over 100 children. We will finish the church within the month but this people have been so devoted to the Lord that they met in that half-built building come rain or come shine.

On March 12, 1994 two men came running through our property. They were being chased by soldiers. One soldier knelt and aimed at the two men. Wicho, our guard, jumped in front of the soldier and yelled, “There are children here.” The soldier did not shoot but the other soldiers caught the two men and beat them unmercifully in front of our wide-eyed children. The police came and led the two men away. We never did know what the men had done.

Later two soldiers came back and shook my hand and apologized. They also apologized to the children.

March 16, 1994. All government workers went on strike. Many people believe that goal is to overthrow the President and Congress. This strike lasted a few days.

Since I could not leave the property due to the strike I decided to help the workers building the clinic. We were able to get a cement mixer so I ran that all day as the men poured the footings. So in two days they will begin laying blocks.