#145 Our story

Roxana & Miriam dropped by to visit.

I spent a portion of the day working on salaries as this is the time of the year we pay double salaries & some folks get triple salaries.



January 1, 1994. We spent New Years at a church we had built in Chautica. There were 17 of our children with us so they sang three songs for the congregation. We returned well after midnight to learn that an evangelist, Phillip, had been killed returning from preaching in a church in the city. A drunk driver came down a ramp and ran a stop sign.

The high schools and colleges give each student a list of text books & school supplies. The problem is they do not sell the books at the schools and they do not give you a location where to buy the items. So Dottie and I drove to 8 bookstores in the city and still could not get what we needed. I had as many as 6 in a class and could find only one copy of a text. So we had to photocopy 5 copies.

One of the strangest things happened today. There was a large hippie community in Antigua in those days. They owned a coffee shop. The leader came and asked Dottie and I to go to the coffee shop Friday evening. They had a poem reading and took an offering for Casa.

John was in ChiChi when someone got on a loud speaker and started screaming that Americans were stealing children for their organs. He left immediately. This was the time that I already mentioned to you when the soldiers came to our home to protect us.