#144 our story

Josue’ left for the states where he will speak on behalf of Casa. He went from our 72 degrees to low 30s in Nashville.

Dottie’s Dobernam, Champ, had surgery this morning. They removed a stomach tumor.

Gladys has been buying school pants & measuring each child. Olga is sizing all the girls for their uniforms.


December 1993 brought us John(pastor) and Sharon(nurse) as full time here at Casa. One of our smallest boys got separated from the older children in the city. No one could find him. John accompanied Dottie to report the disappearance to the judge. When they entered the outer office Julio was sitting there. He had fallen asleep on the bus and the route took him all the way to the border. The bus driver was the son of a pastor who took Julio & brought him to the city. God is so good.

December 7 our son, Chad, called to tell us we were grandparents for the first time. He put baby Rebecca near the phone so we could hear her cry.

We received our first over seas help as Anita from Norway came to help us for two weeks. Since then we have had 17 countries send teams or individuals to help us. We also reciprocated as we were able to get Jose’ a passport and a visa for 10 years. We drove him to the Mexican border where he then took a bus to Los Angelos where he will minister in Spanish speaking churches.

For Christmas we gave each child a bicycle and it was only an hour or so before Herb was having to repair bikes. The children were speeding everywhere.