#143 our story

Georgies’ son was in an auto accident back in Louisiana. He was taken to the hospital but his injuries are not life threatening. Pray for him.

Cristine’s niece has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has 8 children. Please pray for a miracle.

Billy will begin interviewing teachers for our school next year. Pray that we can get Godly, qualified teachers who love God & children.

Gladys went to the market in the city to get blue jeans in every size as we will give jeans to everyone for Christmas.


Roxana in her graduation gown


Although I have a Doctorate in Education I cannot legally teach in our school. But in November 1993 the government gave me permission to be the director of our school and Dottie has permission to be the secretary. That was only for the year1994.

On November 7, 1993 I built three more triple deck beds for the boys as our population continues to grow.

In July we took 10 children to the states. We had 33 suitcases and 16 carry ons and would you believe there was no extra charge at the Houston airport and when we arrived in Guatemala Customs just waved us through with no charges or inspections.

In August I drove to Saquilia to help build benches for a church we had built there. I carried a generator and my electric saw. We worked all day and then the pastor said I could sleep in the church. I woke up just itching something horrible. I was sleeping with fleas and they were consuming me. I had to go outside and sleep under a tree.

So you know that it was very difficult for me to work another full day. But I did and decided to drive home that night rather than fight the fleas.