# 142 Our story

Dottie’s Doberman needs surgery.

The church Fraternidad Cristiano came & had a program for 4 dorms.

Benjamin who came here with one eye graduated yesterday as a chef and begins his first job tomorrow.

And yesterday Roxanne received her diploma as she graduated from seminary in theology. So two of our kids with post high school diplomas in one week is a blessing.

Benjamin graduated yesterday


In April, 1993 a woman visited Casa and watched Dottie cutting cakes for 82 children. She made the comment, “Dottie is the richest woman in the world.” I agree that Dottie and I have been so blessed with the richness of children.

We had to go to Bajo Verapas which is a long distance from Casa. As we were coming out of the mountains there was a long line of US army vehicles. They actually were the Corp of Engineers and one of their trucks carrying a derrick had lost their brakes and went off the road killing two soldiers. Dottie and I tried to help and one soldier asked me who we were. I told him and 2 weeks later he showed up at Casa with another soldier so they stayed the weekend.

One day Dottie and I drove to the city and there was no traffic at all. We had no idea what happened until we turned on a main road and there was a tank and soldiers blocking the road. There had been an attempted coup held by the President himself.

We returned home and a few days later it was all over. The president kept his office.