#141 our story

Sindy from dialysis who was sent home by the courts was in the hospital for weeks & accused her family of abuse. The courts sent her to a government home.

Alex who had the kidney transplant & was sent home with his kidneys functioning at 100% has now dropped to 80% function.

Oscar was in traffic in Chimaltenango for 7 hours. The government is cutting the income to the university by 2.5% and giving it to the army. Thus the demonstrations!


From funny to sad! There was a young man helping us for a number of months from Illinois. He was brilliant. He learned Spanish in just a few weeks and could communicate fluently. He actually was allowed to minister in the public school here in San Bartolome’. He was 6’5’’ so he was extremely tall to the average Guatemalan and myself.

He had gone to a village to share with them and we were scheduled to pick him up at a certain point on a certain day. Tony and I drove to Chichi where we were to meet him. We waited 3 hours and then drove to the village, Saquia He was waiting in the center of town. When I asked him why he did not go meet us he said, “They told me I was too tall to get on their bus.”

Since I was there the pastor began ringing a bell and well over 100 people came to the church. He asked me to preach. When I finished he asked all the women whose husbands were killed in the civil war to stand. Then he asked the children who had lost a parent to also stand. It was heart breaking.